User Group

The Irish Agresso User Group (IAUG) was established in 2003 as an independent forum for Irish users of the AGRESSO, Agresso Business World and Business World On! software solutions.

The IAUG’s Objectives are:

To provide a base for members to share their knowledge of and experience in using the AGRESSO suite of products and its complimentary products.

Suggest potential improvements to AGRESSO and seek to influence its strategic development.

Proactively maximise the influence of UNIT4 and the IAUG customer base in realising the most favourable outcomes.

Seek to establish proactive and regular communication between UNIT4 and IAUG members on:

  • Areas of difficulty within AGRESSO and their potential solutions
  • Product enhancement, including the content of new releases
  • Strategic development, both product specific and in terms of the AGRESSO corporate body
  • AGRESSO compatible products and maximising the business benefits that AGRESSO can yield.
  • Work in partnership with UNIT4 to identify areas of difficulty within the AGRESSO suite of products.
  • Develop a partnership with the AGRESSO UK User Group